This article will guide you how to commit text and image all at one GitHub Page.Refer screenshots for all the steps.


Once you are logged in, Create a new repository.Assign a name to the repository.


Once you commit repository, next page will load. Find README. and click on it.

This README is always necessary to be made. It gives brief about what is present inside reposetory.

Once you click on the README. You will be directed to new page. Now simply commit new file.

After Committing you will be directed to our repository created.As shown below.

Step3: upload Images and Solutions

Drag and drop your screenshots inside your repository. And write the solution to the description area below.

Now commit changes to save you file.

Step4:Check Report

You will be redirected to your repository. Now click on the link as shown in the 

You will be shown the report you created.