Support Team will be able to assist you based on following terms and conditions,

1. We would provide support for only 2 projects (1 mini project &1 major project) when you are undergoing the course. 

2. After the date of completion of training i.e last session, we would provide support for those 2 projects for next 1 month. So make sure to complete your project during this time period. After this time period we do provide support for only for those contents/topics available in our dashboard.

3. Freelance projects are not entertained at AcadGild. So please don't share your codes with us. If you are facing any issue we would be taking a screen control to assist you & guide you till next 1 month from the date of completion of course. 

4. Logics/implementation should be written from your end. We would only assist you in solving the errors if any by providing steps to resolve it or will provide any references.We never entertain students in providing the complete source code of the problem.

5. Submission of all the assignments are mandatory for any kind of project support.